Welcome to My Leg, My Choice

When Patients and Care Providers are properly educated they will understand their choices for treatment and know that AMPUTATION IS NOT THE ONLY OPTION.

Who Are We?

We are a nonprofit foundation that provides education and information to people who are at risk for lower leg and foot amputations.

Who Are You?

Do you have wounds or sores that won't heal, darkening skin, muscle pain, swelling, cramping, loss of hair or numbness in your feet or legs?

Did a doctor just tell you or a family member that he or she is going to amputate a toe or even a leg? Did you know that there are treatments available to help you?

There are many causes for amputations that can be prevented. If you have diabetes, have ever smoked, are over 50 or have high blood pressure or cholesterol, you may be at risk for peripheral artery disease (PAD), the primary cause of most preventable amputations.

PAD is caused by blockages that decrease blood flow to the legs and feet. In many cases, addressing these blockages will help or eliminate uncomfortable lower leg complications and the need for amputation.

What are my choices?

Lifestyle Changes

New healthy living habits.

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Pharmaceutical Therapy

Use of prescribed medication.

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Intervention & Surgery

Procedures to open blocked arteries.

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